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Home of Red Square and the Kremlin

Visitors to this astonishingly rich, world-class city can find whatever they’re most interested in, including some remarkable sights and business opportunities that don’t exist anywhere else on the globe. Not surprisingly, seven out of every ten visitors to Russia either start or finish their Russian travels in Moscow. In fact, the city offers a remarkably wide range of cultural events, business conferences, historical monuments, incredible entertainment and diverse club life.  

Many of Moscow’s monuments of culture and architecture, including, of course, Red Square and the Kremlin, are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

 Just one of countless examples are the works of Dan Brown. His millions of readers are particularly interested in the legends about the famous treasure of the Knights Templar in Moscow. Scholars believe that when the Order dissolved, the knights’ riches, consisting of dozens of chests filled with gold and precious jewels, were secretly removed from Paris and spirited off to Moscow. The Bolsheviks were so sure of the existence of the treasure trove hidden somewhere under their noses that they spent years in a fruitless search.

  Curiously enough, there remain visible traces of the Knights Templar in Moscow. For example, the walls of Moscow’s 700-year-old St. Daniel Monastery are adorned with the knights’ emblem—the six-petal rose within a white square intersected by four rings. For history buffs Moscow can be a great adventure. 
  Of equal interest is a visit to the Kremlin’s Diamond Fund, which is home to two of the world’s most famous diamonds, the Shah diamond and the Orloff diamond. The 88-carat Shah was presented to Emperor Nicholas I in 1829 by the remorseful Shah of Persia after an angry mob attacked the Russian Embassy in Tehran and murdered Russia’s diplomat-poet, Alexander Griboedov. The other is the Orloff, which at 189 carats is the biggest in the collection. In its early history, the stone decorated a giant statue of the Buddha in Ceylon. It was finally bought by Count Orloff as a gift for Catherine the Great. The empress named the diamond after the count and had it mounted in the imperial sceptre. 
  With whole streets of boutique shops, Moscow is a mecca for shoppers. The city is also unbeatable for great dining, with restaurants serving every kind of food under the sun—from exotic to ethnic to organic vegetarian. And the Little Annie Café even serves delicious, inexpensive meals aboard a tram car as it rolls along its rails.


Moscow is a city filled with endless and surprising delights. Now is the time to let OpenRussia4U.com help to make your Moscow adventure an unqualified success. 

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